This huge wide-angle lens weighs over twenty five pounds and may see behind itself

This huge wide-angle lens weighs over twenty five pounds and may see behind itself

Lenses don’t ought to be sophisticated. In fact, you'll be able to punch a puncture in Associate in Nursing recent oatmeal canister, add some film on the opposite aspect, and begin creating footage. Once glass gets concerned, however, camera lenses can do some actually wonderful feats of refraction. want proof? Look no any than the twenty eight.6 pound

 The C-4 Optics four.9mm f/3.5 circular camera lens is not like something presently on the market. It’s a wide-angle lens that makes a circular image on a typical full-frame image detector, that is that the same size as a frame of 35mm film. The lens features a 270 degree field of read, which suggests it will virtually see behind itself.

“We set it on a stool within the workshop facing upwards and you may see the total space,” says Roger homopteran, one in all the world’s foremost specialists on lens testing and founding father of “You will even see the ground.”

The company hasn't free pictures from the lens simply nonetheless, however can within the coming back days. The circular camera lens means that the image can seem within the center of the frame as a circle with black corners. software package will withdraw the photographs into a read that VR headsets just like the sense organ Rift will perceive.

That kind of field of read is typical for video game, Associate in Nursingd shooters typically reach it with an array of cameras that at the same time capture footage in several directions whereas software package stitches it all at once. This ultra-wide lens, however, pulls enough data onto a typical camera detector that software package will expand it into a VR scene.

“The weather service is curious about mistreatment one thing like this to capture a scene all the manner around,” says homopteran. He additionally says they’ve thought-about hanging it from the rafters of sports games to point out off the whole scene throughout crucial game moments.

Optical motivation

Cicala and optical designer Brian Erskine Preston Caldwell started C-4 exactitude Optics back in 2015 with a diary post on Gregorian calendar month first. individuals thought it absolutely was Associate in Nursing Gregorian calendar month Fool’s Day joke thanks to the date, however additionally thanks to the laughable lenses the piece projected. One lens codenamed “flying saucer” arranged  out the initial style and plan for the four.9mm camera lens.

The lens role player inspiration from the enduring 6mm Nikon wide-angle lens that features a 220-degree field of read and commands a worth run over $100,000 at auction. nobody is aware of as expected what percentage 6mm Nikons there have been as a result of the corporate solely designed them to order beginning in 1972. The lens is rare and served a selected purpose, however its extreme style created it blemished. It suffered from serious lens flare, that manifests as bright artifacts within the image and reduced distinction across the frame. The result is usually a lot of pronounced once light-weight hits close to the sting of the lens, and camera lens lenses with rounded front parts square measure most edge.

Cicala and Erskine Preston Caldwell, his business partner, embarked on to form a lens that was even wider, whereas increasing its ability to resolve detail and combat distortion.

According to homopteran, the foremost tough a part of creating the lens from a producing perspective is that the huge piece of glass—typically noted as Associate in Nursing element—on the front of the lens itself. The piece of arched glass alone weighs in around a two.2 pounds and desires to be utterly freed from flaws. “It was onerous to seek out a glass lens manufacturer UN agency thought they may do that. It wasn’t simply the creating of the glass that was onerous, however it’s out of the curves of a traditional coating machine,” says homopteran. “We have four front parts for our prototypes. they'd to forged ten or twelve simply to induce those four.”

The bulbous piece additionally caused issues in different components of the producing method. For instances, its form place it outside the standard tolerances allowed for applying anti-reflection and protecting coatings to typical lens parts, which suggests machines required adjusting.

Even the lens cover was a challenge to engineer. “We created a simulation of the cap and also the initial time we tend to place it on a mockup of the lens and it wouldn’t come back off. It’s therefore vast that the air leak as you push it in place quite seal thereon,” says homopteran. “We terminated up having to drill a bit hole within the cap to induce it off therefore we tend to had to revamp the cap with vents.”

Caging the beast

Because the lens is therefore huge, it wants its own support structure, that the corporate designed from custom manufacturer components. the rear of the lens could be a piece of metal noted within the trade as a “cheese plate” that permits shooters to mount accessories typical for shooting high-end video. The camera sites between the plate and also the lens itself, that the legs reach enable totally different cameras to suit within.


In order to capture light-weight from behind the lens on a flat detector, the lens will some extreme refracting once it involves the sunshine it takes in. But, despite its complicated ways for capturing light-weight, homopteran says the lens may in theory capture footage at up to 14k resolution. whereas he’s skeptical the lens will pull of such a exploit in reality, he will say the lens can have over enough physical phenomenon for 8K capture.

What’s next?

C-4 doesn’t expect many people to outright purchase one in all these lenses, particularly since the worth tag be within the neighborhood of a well-equipped family sedan, however that’s not uncommon for high-end cinema or TV production lenses.

Cicala says that C-4 has a number of its different outrageous lenses designed, however it’s a matter of turning them into reality. He says the 150mm f/1.0 may well be subsequent on the docket. For those unfamiliar lens word, that is a zoom lens that allows far more light-weight through a bigger aperture. The ensuing pictures would have deeply blurred backgrounds with solely a really tiny sliver of a picture focussed. If you had someone against a background of some trees, as an example, solely a little of the person’s face would seem focussed.

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