Seven apps and tools to prepare your life

Seven apps and tools to prepare your life

Between work, activities, appointments, and ever-growing hoo-hah lists, several people perpetually feel hurried and anxious. and every one too typically, the distractions of our smartphones solely build this busy pace additional agitated. however phones may also modify your life—it all depends on however you utilize them. Take these seven apps and tools, that assist you track it slow, build higher habits, receive reminders, and more. Here's however they will flip your phone into a significant timesaver.

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1. Google Keep

To begin, you will need a note-taking app wherever you'll be able to consolidate your scribbles, lists, and fragmented notes. we tend to like Google Keep, with its easy interface and compatibility across multiple platforms.

In addition to storing your notes, Google Keep provides you many ways that to prepare them. for instance, you'll be able to label connected entries with constant color or tag them with specific words, creating it simple to cluster along everything regarding "home," "work," "the youngsters," so on. you'll be able to conjointly store a spread of note formats, like text, lists with or while not individual checkboxes, finger- or stylus-drawn scribbles, voice memos, and images.

You can conjointly share Google Keep notes with different users. Or place them in an exceedingly additional skilled format by changing text notes to a Google Docs file.

2. Cortana

These days, each phone comes with its own digital helper. however notwithstanding you have got access to Google Assistant or Siri, you ought to think about employing Cortana furthermore, significantly if you're employed with multiple devices or own a Windows ten pc. simply transfer the app, sign up together with your Microsoft account, and let her organize your life.

Cortana will take notes, write lists, and set task reminders. The latter will ping you at explicit times of day or after you reach bound locations—for example, you may get Associate in Nursing awake to obtain flowers as shortly as you pass your favorite flower search. Reminders may also repeat on a scheduled  basis, therefore you'll be able to produce a weekly reminder to, say, obtain milk or empty the rubbish.

The AI assistant conjointly works with almost about any calendar app—including those from Google, Apple, and Microsoft—to allow you to add new events and check for approaching appointments. On high of all that, Cortana keeps you in reality with breaking news and weather forecasts.

3. Trello

Trello has earned  a powerful name as a tool groups will use to manage shared comes. In fact, it works even as well for people and families, as a result of a part of Trello's charm is its flexibility—you will adapt it for a spread of functions, as well as keeping track of no matter wants pursuit.

This service offers each mobile and net apps, and each work constant way: You produce a spread of digital "cards" and organize them in columns. every card would possibly represent a menage task, Associate in Nursing item on your to try and do list, or a looming calendar event. The columns will represent classes of tasks, priority levels, specific dates, or the other issue you may use to rearrange your cards.

Once you have selected your organization schema, you'll be able to add details to individual cards to form them easier to manage. Write an outline, apply some color-coded labels, tag the people that would possibly would like updates or reminders, and even offer the cardboard a point. Then you collaborators will add comments to the cards, attach files, and drag-and-drop cards from one column to a different. Your Trello setup will extremely be as easy or as complicated as you would like.

For personal use, you ought to make the most of Trello's free tier. However, businesses will pay $10 to $21 a month to induce options like improved integration with third-party apps and therefore the ability to connect larger files to cards.

4. Smarter Time

In order to prepare your life additional with efficiency, you wish to understand however you are defrayal your time—and that is what Smarter Time aims to try and do. It will even track your activity automatically: whereas you are purported to log it slow, the app also will plan to fill in any blanks in your day, basing its work on your previous habits and on information from your phone's sensors (speedy movement, for instance, would possibly mean you took a morning run).

Once you begin feeding information to the current app, it'll be able to spit out reports on everything from however you pay your day to that apps ar wasting most of it slow. Then, if you want to alter your daily activity balance, you'll be able to set bespoke goals that Smarter Time can assist you reach.

At the instant, solely humanoid users will transfer Smarter Time, however the corporate is presently developing a beta version for iOS. For further options, like additional elaborate reports and extra data-export choices, you'll be able to register for and accounts, that price $3 to $10 monthly.

5. Todoist

Todoist is one amongst the foremost widespread to try and do list apps, and with sensible reason. This comprehensive tool works on almost about each platform, provides a bright and intuitive interface, and includes advanced options for people who would like them.

For example, this app enables you to assign every item a priority. you'll be able to conjointly organize tasks by nesting them among each other, that enables you to keep work and private things separate. For revenant tasks like doing away with the rubbish or paying your account, you'll be able to set to-dos that may repeat on an everyday schedule—if you wish to try and do one thing each week, Todoist will not ignore it.

While the bottom level of Todoist is free, you'll be able to upgrade to Premium plans for $29 a year. At this tier, you'll be able to request reminders supported either time or location, get pleasure from automatic backups, and receive charts showing simply what proportion you have achieved.

6. Habit List

Habit List's tagline is "Build an improved you," and everything within the app is meshed towards that. It tries to softly nudge you into developing sensible habits, like often filing your work or making a cleanup routine.

To use this app, you just knock off achievements on a calendar or schedule revenant would-be habits. Then the app can cue you regarding the tasks you continue to got to complete and send you progress reports to examine however your try at a replacement routine goes. The interface's simplicity conjointly helps you focus: each morning, it displays a simple list of that day's tasks.

To track a limiteless variety of habits and access further options sort of a dark show mode, you'll be able to pay a one-time unlock fee of $5. though Habit List is merely offered for iOS, humanoid users will attempt commutation it with an identical app like Habit Streak instead.

7. Pocket

One way several people lose time is by falling into a web hole. however after you notice a remarkable story, you do not need to browse it instantly. Instead, put it aside in Pocket and come back it after you have additional down time.

Pocket enables you to cache articles once you are browsing almost about anywhere: an internet browser app, desktop browsers (via Associate in Nursing extension), email inboxes, and social media feeds. you'll be able to conjointly organize your collected articles and videos into classes to allow you to simply notice them once more. Once you have saved many stories in Pocket, the app will begin recommending connected articles you may have an interest in reading.

Through this app, you'll be able to even catch abreast of your reading after you haven't any net connection: Pocket can cache all saved articles for offline viewing. If you put in it on multiple devices, it'll even synchronise your assortment between them.

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