Google for India 2018: Now the location of the train will tell Google, know other big announcements

Google for India 2018: Now the location of the train will tell Google, know other big announcements

 New Delhi (Tech Desk) The fourth edition of Google for India was held today in Delhi. In this event many announcements have been made about Google's future plans for India. Including many announcements about Google Search and Maps as well as payment systems. Praveer Gupta, senior engineering director, Google said that Google Assistant will now support Marathi language too. Let's know about Google's big announcements

Rename Google Quick Name 
Praveer Gupta further said, Google Assistant will soon support other 7 languages. Not only that, you can now learn the train location on your Google Assistant. Google sharp app has been renamed "Google Pay". Google recently announced that the number of downloads of the "Tez" app has crossed 50 million. This year's annual event can also add some special features to Maps and Assistant.

Great potential in India 

Google Vice President Sales and Operation (Southeast Asia) Rajan Anandan said that there are 400 million Internet users in India, 45 percent of whom are women. There are immense possibilities for Google in India. In India, there has been an increase of 270% in terms of voice search. Our goal is to reach 500 million in the next two years. We are therefore increasing the search options in Indian languages.

Users searching more than 50 percent of the search 

Anandan further said, many users in India are now finding their answers by searching on Google. In the last 12 months, more than 50 per cent of the Indian users are searching for something on mobile every day.

The beginning of the project Nawalha 

Google has started its "Project Novekha" in this event. Under this project, publishers will now be able to publish their content online. Under this project, 135,000 Indian publishers of the country will be digitized.

Two new features added in Android Go 

Two new features have been added to Google's Android Go. Now go users will be able to select articles through news feed and audio playback in two languages. Later in this feature, many Indian languages ​​like Marathi and Malayalam will be added besides English and Hindi.

Voice Assistant will now work in Indian languagesGoogle's Voice Assistant will now support Hindi and Hindi as well as Marathi language. Along with this, the company will join 7 other languages ​​along with Voice Assistant.

Turn-by-turn navigation feature added to the Maps Go app 

Turn-by-turn navigation feature has been added with Google's Maps go app. The Voice Navigation feature will now work with public transport in this light version of Google Maps. Apart from this, plus code for millions of people in Kolkata will also be provided.

More than 400 Android Go smartphones will be launched this yearS

amsung's flagship Galaxy J2 Core smartphone will run on Android Go operating system. This will be Samsung's first smartphone to support Google's Android Go. By the end of this year, a smartphone with more than 400 Android Go operating systems will be launched.

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