You can also earn millions of rupees by cultivating the aloe vera

You can also earn millions of rupees by cultivating the aloe vera.

Elover’s demand is constantly increasing. Now the cultivation of allowar farmers has become beneficial for the farmers. Millions of rupees can be earned by cultivating it. However, experts say that farmers should be cultivated by contracting with the company and should sell pulp on the leaves of the place because pulp is more earning than it used to be.

In the last 25 years, one person, who was cultivating allover in Gujarat, said during the interview, that the cultivation of one acre of Elowar can facilitate 5-7 lakhs. Currently, many companies including Baba Ramdev’s Pantajali are buying Alowaraya.

Aloe Vera is selling 4 to 7 rupees

Aloe vera leaves are sold at a price of 4 to 7 rupees per kilo. However, it does depend on the contract. On the other hand, its pulp is sold at 20 to 30 rupees per kilo. About 16,000 pages are applied in one acre. Experts advise the first cutting in 8- 18 months.

Do the farming:

Aloe vera grows very quickly in the field of sandy soil and warm temperature, which does not require much water.

This should be selected for the farming where there is no water and moisture, the land should be on a little stretch, due to which there will be no fear of flooding the rain water.

It is good to plant a farm before the monsoon. Once pudding once again, 12-15 tones of fertilizer should be re-cultivated.

Yureya, phosphorus and potash should be stored in the dung only. After that, make a plot at the distance of 50×50 cm in the field.

Thus, these can be cultivated at any time, but the best time is June-Junlines.

Can be taken for 3 years crop

Once the plantation is done, it can be harvested for 3 years. IEC111271, IEC111269 and AL-1 hybrid species of Elowra can be grown in every field of the country.

According to the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR), plantation costs around 27,500 rupees in one hectare, while labor, farm preparation, fertilizers are attached, this expenditure in the first year reaches 50,000.

It is necessary to irrigate 4-5 times in the year. You can use a drip or sprinkler system for irrigation. It is necessary to irrigate at 25 days at the time of summer.

The first strong cut should be cut:

This crop becomes desirable after one year. Always have a strong bottom of the plant should be cut first. Do not cut top delicate leaf

The new leaf begins to sprout again on the cut leaf. 50-60 tonnes per hectare per hectare for a year.

The price of large card in different markets of the country is around 2000 to 2500 rupees per tonne.

In the second year, more than 15-20% is found, but after that there is a decline in production.

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