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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Yellow-stained teeth tease? If you do not have time, then this morning you get a pearl-like tooth

Yellow-stained teeth tease? If you do not have time, then this morning you get a pearl-like tooth

Teeth is the main attraction of our face. Whenever we meet someone, the laughter is exchanged first and the teeth play an important role. If the tooth is not cleaned then your bad image falls on the opposite person. Glazed teeth like pearls make your beauty and personality shine. A glossy laugh will also increase your confidence and you will feel yourself full. Here are some of the ways that you can easily brush your teeth.

The easiest way to make teeth glaze. Strawberry The natural teeth whitener mealic acid in it makes the tooth white and glamourous. Prepare a strawberry pulp before using it. Baking soda mixes in this pulp. Brush this mixture on the teeth with a brush. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it.

There is a natural cleaner. The teeth that are used to glaze. It destroys the hidden microbes between teeth. Baking soda and toothpaste mix equal amounts. Then apply uniformly on top and bottom teeth. Be sure to have a baking soda paste on all parts of your tooth. Let it remain for half an hour and then rinse it and clean the face.

Lemon is the largest source of vitamin C. This vitamin C helps whitening a lot in teeth whitening. Lemon peel is a very easy solution to get glazed teeth. Hinge on lemon peeling teeth for white teeth. Which will work like a scrub and will uproot the yellow coatings on the tooth. The medicines in the lemon can remove the tissues and other particles on the tooth and groin. If you use this experiment regularly, then your smile will become the best smile.

The Apple Side Vinegar or the apple contains the ability to strengthen the acid molars as well as to whiten it. The acid contained in the apples is conducive to maintaining the OH on the upper layer of your tooth. These OHs on the tooth fight against bacteria that occur on them. Remove Apple Side Vinegar on the tooth to remove the toothbrush and cut it off after a few minutes. By doing this regularly, the teeth will become white like pearls.

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