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To do this, please book the Jio GigaFiber, get up to 3 months of free-unlimited data.

To do this, please book the Jio GigaFiber, get up to 3 months of free-unlimited data.

Registration for Jio GigaFiber is going to begin on August 15. It is important to know beforehand how this registration can be done. First of all let us know that this service will be started at some places. According to the report, the company has rolled out 1100 cities to it. Actually this registration is being done on a very early basis. That is, the city or location will be the most registered. Service will be given to them in the first phase.

Users will have to register themselves for the Jio GigaFiber connection. For that, you have to go to MyJiOApp or Jio or Jio's website. After this, the registrations will be confirmed from Geo, then the company will see that the highest number of registrations has been done. After confirming the location, Jio will install GigaFiber on that location. Not only this, the company will also offer Jio GigaFiber modem and Jio GigaTv to the users.

After installing Jio GigaFiber on its own location, high-speed broadband internet will also rollout there. It can access the internet up to 1Gbps download speed. Let's say that Jio GigaTv is a set-top box that will be available with Jio GigaFiber, which can connect HD to video calling around the country. However, it has not been clear from the company whether this channel can be seen or not.

Let us know that Jio GigaFiber broadband connection will be available in free, but will have to provide an installation charge. Not only this but when leaving the service, the entire money will be refunded. The company will also offer 3 months of free service. According to the report, Jio GigaFiber is continuously making the speed up to 700Mbpsw.

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