The electricity bill will recharge like a mobile phone

The electricity bill will recharge like a mobile phone

Each electric meter will have a smart prem pad in the next 3 years. This will make consumers recharge the electricity like a mobile phone. Only after completion of this will the expiry day of the bill for the electricity bill in the house be expired.

The company has been advised to increase excellence
Power Minister RK Singh advised the makers to increase production of smart prepaid meters. He told the makers that it would be a great demand in the coming days and hopefully every meter will be smart pre pad in 3 years. There will be a lot of benefits, the bill sending process to consumers will be over. Electricity companies will not be stressed. This will revolutionize the electricity sector, reduce losses and improve the status of electricity distribution companies.

Payment of bills will be easy.
Pre-pad Smart Meter will promote energy conservation and ease the payment of the bill. Besides, skill training for youth will also be available. According to the ministry, officials have been asked to prepare a report after considering the need to build a smart meter.

Prepared meters in homes
If states help, 24 × 7 people in the whole country can get electricity by 2021.

Electricity will be supplied to each house by meter and 90% of households will have to complete prepaid meters. Penalty for running a prepaid meter electricity.

People will be able to recharge their electricity meter through their mobile phones. RK Singh says that now the power company's employee will not be involved in billing and collection work. Apart from this, employing staff for meter reading

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