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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The British had kept the shameful name of these two villages, the government changed the new name

The British had kept the shameful name of these two villages, the government changed the new name

Any village is identified by its name. Most of the village names are kept in the history associated with it or in the name of a great person associated with that place. But, the names of many villages are also those which are strange to themselves and many villages also have names like those who feel embarrassed to take.

The names of two such villages of Madhya Pradesh have been changed by the government. There was a long demand for change in these names. The names of these two villages in Panna district were ‘Mahagwan Chhaka’ and ‘Mahgawan Tilia’. The government has now changed the name and removed the word ‘six’ in the end of the name of the village and has replaced it as ‘government’. At the same time, the second name of the second village has been named ‘Mahagwan Ghat’.

This name was coming from the British rule. For this, the Department of Revenue has also issued regular notifications. The Government of India has also approved the name of this village to change its name. On this proposal of the state government, the Home Ministry of India has provided its NOC on September 7, 2017, on which the State Department revenue department has now changed the names of these two villages.

The names of two villages in Shahnagar tehsil of Panna district were not respectable, people had to face embarrassment in taking and writing this name publicly. Often objections were raised about this. Both of these villages come under Congressional constituency, Mukesh Naik, in the Powai assembly constituency. Two years ago, the state government had sent a proposal to the Home Ministry of the Government of India to honor these two villages.

The name was coming from the British rule

According to the settlement of the year 1924 during the British rule, the name of Mahagwan six was coming. Now the name of ‘Mahgawan Chhaka’ has been changed to ‘Mahgawan Sarkar’ and ‘Mahgawan Tilia’ by changing the name of ‘Mahgawan Ghat’.

Government permission to change name

Explain that to change the name of a place already in place, permission has to be taken from the Government of India because they are registered in government records and correspondence etc. are also in accordance with the name given in the official records. After getting the permission from the government, the revenue department has also issued notices in time.

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