Resting at home is getting 50 thousand rupees a month

Resting at home is getting 50 thousand rupees a month

You work hard all day, then going to your account comes to 25 or 50 thousand rupees of sk the month. But if we tell you that there is also a job where you get 50 thousand rupees per month for resting at home and that too regular, you probably will not believe it. But this is true. Yes, there is a government department in Uttar Pradesh where employees working will get 50 thousand rupees for rest at home.

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50 thousand rupees monthly salary

In fact, after being transferred from other districts, 115 teachers came to Baghpat district. They get monthly salary of 50 thousand rupees. It has been waiting for its posting for nearly a month. However, they have already registered the BSA office but they have not yet been deployed. For this reason, these teachers are resting sitting at home. It means that the government will pay more than Rs 50 lakh to them for nearly a month. On the other hand, children are waiting for teachers in school.

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Schools not found in the deployment

115 teachers from other districts have not been deployed in schools even after one month. These teachers had lodged an FIR in the BSA office of Baghpat till June 28. Even after one month, he has not been sent to school. There are 90% of these teachers. The teachers’ counseling began on July 23 for appointment to schools. 64 teachers of Primary School have got counciling, but the appointment has not been received till date.

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30 percent waiting for school teachers

At the same time, the counseling of 51 teachers of upper primary schools was stopped. It was argued to stop their counseling that teachers have a dispute about the topic of mathematics and science. The school has not been allotted to any teacher right now. Most teachers are resting in their homes by not getting the school. 30 per cent of the school’s are waiting for the teacher.

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Will soon be appointed appointment

In this case, Chandakresh Yadav, a basic education officer, says that he has been counseling of primary school teachers and sent them to the Diet Principal. They will be given appointment soon. They say that they will request the date principals from the principal to counseling the teachers of upper primary schools. At the same time, Diet Barot Principal Vinay Kumar Gill said that after the completion of the paper formalities teachers will be appointed in the schools.

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