Now WhatsApp will stop for students

Now WhatsApp will stop for students

Now for WhatsApp, WhatsApp will stop, know why
There is a new news from Vatsapp, which has increased the minimum age, which is quite a good thing. A new rule was made in ‘Vatsapap’ which would be applicable from May 25, 2018, and if this rule is implemented then many users will be removed according to this, almost all the people in the world use ‘Whatsap Usage’, we all know So let’s know about what’s going to happen next

The minimum age of this rule is 16 years. The same people can use the Whitspap if they are not more than 16 years old, then those people will not be traveling in Vatsasapp, but if people are in trouble then the manure of those people will be closed for ever and some different panisment is also. Perhaps you might be thinking that they will know what we did but it is not so, that some changes have been made in the Whitspap algorithm, because of this you can catch it right

Still, the minimum age of Facebook is 13 years, which is given in the ‘Facebook’s privacy policy’ and in the same way, Instagram’s minimum age is 13 years.Whereas according to the ‘European Union’, the minimum age of Facebook and Instagram, too, is going to change very quickly because, because of Whatsap, and Instagram, both of these are social media media which is considered to be the King of Social Media. At present, there have been many such incidents in the world which are very embarrassing, because all the events have happened with the teenager.
Recently, ‘Whatsap for Business’ has been launched through which through its money transactions can be done nowadays and nowadays, after which there is ‘Whatsap’, then say, only he lick only from home to school college whose Due to this, there is a huge problem in children’s education.

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