Let's uninstall these apps, your smartphone will be fast

Let's uninstall these apps, your smartphone will be fast

At least 4GB of free space is required to work well in the Android system. All the features of the phone can work well. If the phone's memory is 32GB then the user should use up to 28GB of memory. But the user can complete it and then the Android system can not work properly.

Some apps are responsible for slow processing of the phone, this app slows down the phone's memory. Often a user-visible app also slows down the phone, which also affects the phone's performance. Including gaming apps from the phone to Secure phone. Learn about this ...

If you use these tips do not call SLOW:

The phone should be rebooted once a day to keep the processing fast.

With Factory Backup taking data backup, the phone will start to work as new.

Install the phone to share it, clean the app like xender.

Duplicate the phone and keep it clean of unnecessary photos.

Shopping Apps:

E-commerce companies offer more discounts on goods to shop from their apps, users who install multiple shopping apps in the phone. These apps slow down the phone's memory and consume it.

Gaming Apps:

The phone gets slow due to gaming apps. If your phone keeps a 2GB-3GB game, then uninstall it immediately.


Keeping widgets in the phone can often be feathered, as all the work items are found on the phone's home screen. But it slows down the phone. Having too many widgets in the phone slow down its processing. This process power also consume when the phone is locked and the screen is off.

Data Clearing App:

Data Cleansing Apps Claims to Improve Your Phone Performance To Clear Junk Files And Cache With Smartphones But these apps slow down the phone's processing. No need to download a separate app to clear the catch. Settings >> Storage >> Clear Cached Data can be cleared.

App claiming to save Ram:

The apps that claim to save the RAM are slow, and the processor's performance also works. The phone's processor is so powerful that it protects the phone's RAM itself. Third party apnea is required to be deleted from the phone.

Antivirus App:

Often knowing what antivirus will be good for the handset's configuration, we download any antivirus app. Downloading third-party antivirus apps is not good for both phone performance and battery.

Now the company has started giving inbuilt software in their handset, which not only protects the phone but also keeps the phone's data safe. That's why antivirus apps should not be downloaded.

Battery Saver Apps:

Battery saving apps do not work just like RAM boosters. This app slows the phone down. If you download any battery saver app for this, then uninstall it.

Launcher App & Theme:

To make the phone Creative and Attractive, users download many launcher app themes. This app conjures up the memory of the phone and slows the phone down. The default wallpaper and themes offered with the phone are good for your phone.

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