Hindi Kahaniya

Hindi Kahaniya

Kid story is specially desing for kids to laern new things from video Story(Mazedar Kahaniya).

Kid Story plays hindi video story(Mazedar Kahaniya).

Appplication contians latest hindi video story(Hindi Kahaniya).

kids love video and animated graphics and application conatain all 2D and 3D graphics.

kid will listen audio and watch video so he will learn quickly.

Appplication conatin More than 50+ unique intresting stories.

All Stories/videos are in hindi.

Parants can watch videos and they can narrart story to his/her child with moral.

Many videos have Subtitle so paraent can also read and get correct meaning to teach child.

No Need to search hindi videos for kids/Hindi moral stories/hindi khaniya on internet. Just use this application.we Have latest collection.

All videos are available on youtube.

If any user want videos for offline then they can save as offline in youtube app.

Its all for you and Its FREE…

Just Install it and make kids happy!.

Kid story Conatins many video stories with good moral.

– Petriotic video
– Panchatantra stories video
– Good/bad habit video
– funny video(chanda mama,bandar chahu,)
– Cindrella story,Aladdin video,Krishna video
– MOTU PATLU video AND much more..

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