Facebook will launch its internet satellite in 2019: report

Facebook will launch its internet satellite in 2019: report

Under its plan to connect billions of people who are still offline, Facebook is in the process of launching its own Internet satellite 'Athena', which will be installed in class at the beginning of 2019. The report said that in front of the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Facebook was called Point View Tech L.L.C. According to an application filed under the name of the project, the project has been designed to provide broadband access efficiently to areas around the world, where so far it is not served.

While quoting a Facebook spokesperson, the report said, "However, at this time we do not have anything to share about specific projects, we believe that satellite technology is an important basis for the next generation broadband infrastructure It will be possible to bring broadband connectivity to rural areas where there is a lack of internet connectivity or not exist It is. '

Let you know that though Facebook is not the only company working in the increase of Internet access through satellite in Lo Finance Orbit. Oneweb, supported by Allen Musk's Space X and Softbank, has two other major companies, who have similar ambitions.
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