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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

With the help of this app, shopkeepers will not be able to get the full rate of GST

With the help of this app, shopkeepers will not be able to get the full rate of GST

There is confusion about the rate of people in GST. The government has launched an app to protect people from this problem,

After that you will get accurate information about the rate of all services and items. Because of this app, the shopkeeper will not be able to lick you.

The GST Council has changed the tax rates of many products. Where some products and services have been brought down from the upper tax slab, some rate is also increased.

In this case, any shopkeepers or businessmen can cheat you in the event of non-correct information of GST on products and services. To save the same fraud, Modi Government has released the ‘GST Rate Finder’ app.

You can get the information of how much GST is feeling on which goods you can get any moment. For this you just have to download the app on your mobile. Let’s say these apps can prove to be beneficial for you and how.
You do not need an internet connection to use this app. You can download it once and put it in your smartphone and you can get the information whenever you want.

Categories are made according to price in the app. If you want to check the rates of the rates you want to check or the products of a related category, you can see it. According to different rates in the app, the items are divided into seven categories.

Simultaneously, if the search option has been given to know about the GST rate applicable to a particular item and service. Here, the name of Goods and Services can be searched and the GST rate applicable to it can be ascertained.

Users can get information about GST rates by entering the name of an item or service or by looking at the relevant chapter. If this app is in your mobile, then any businessman will not be able to charge fake tax from you. In this way you will avoid fraud.

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