Whatsapp Launches New Feature, Now Can Make Photos And Videos In Chat

Whatsapp Launches New Feature, Now Can Make Photos And Videos In Chat
Instant Messaging App Whitsup is now working on a new feature. Under this feature users can hide photos and videos in chat. If you've downloaded an auto download in WhatsApp, all the photos and videos in the chat are saved in the gallery. Apart from this, people back up their media files in the cloud backup, but despite all these people do not like to have photos or videos in the device. One reason for this is that it also consumes phone storage. Some users also have those who prefer to keep them in chat but they do not want to be seen. In the meantime this feature will give you the option to hide media files in chat.
This feature has been spotted by WaBetaInfo. This feature has 50 50 chances of reaching the final release. It is still difficult to say whether this feature will be available in the future. According to the report, Whitsupe submitted a new update under the Google Play Beta program. In this update, there will be an option to hide photos and videos in Che. It is not clear whether the media files under this feature are hyde only or it prevents them from being saved in the gallery. This feature is expected to be found in the data and storage tabs of What's up Settings. The name 'Media Visibility' has been kept.
WaBetaInfo said on Twitter that WhatsApp users are also receiving messages from contacts that users have blocked. According to the report, there has been a bug in whitsups. Users in the whotsup under this bug are also sending messages to people who are also blocked. This bug can not prevent sending blocked messages to the blocked user. With this, the user is also reading status without any rock.

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