Travel job will let you holiday in cancun for six months and earn in 40 lakhs

Travel job will let you holiday in Cancun for six months and earn in 40 lakhs

Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap – 2018 (TPCR- 2018) provides to the industry an overview of equipment that is envisaged to be inducted into the Indian Armed Forces upto the late 2020s. This document intends to drive the technology development process that the industry may like to pursue. This roadmap may guide the industry in planning or initiating technology development, partnerships and production arrangements. 2. Whilst pursuing any development or collaboration

, the Indian industry should accord due importance to the Indian Government’s thrust towards ‘Make in India’. The Ministry of De fence is committed to the Government’s drive towards development of indigenous production capability in the private and public sectors. Participation of the Ms Mes is also being encouraged in the ‘Make in India’ initiatives of our armed forces. 3. The first edition of the TPCR was published in Apr 2013. Numerous inputs have since been received from the industry and business organizations for making the document more informative for potential manufacturers.

Accordingly, the format and content of this edition of the TPCR have been revised and details of quantity, life cycle, broad parameters and preferred technologies have been included to the extent possible. This document is not a commitment by the Indian Armed Forces or any organ of the Government of India for procurement of any specific type, make or quantity of equipment. The Government of India reserves the right to alter, delete or add to any part of this document without stating any reason. Participation of the industry in the “Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap” of Indian Armed Forces is solely at its own discretion.

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