This place is getting orange snow showers

This place is getting orange snow showers

Jaipur You have seen snow falling from the sky. Often we see white snow falling from the sky, but these days the orange snow in Eastern Europe has made Tehelka. People are quite amazed at this kind of colorful snowfall. Yes, so far white snow in the world has been falling from the sky. This is the first time that the orange color is spreading on the ground.

Telling orange snow showers is getting huge amounts around Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova these days. Local people have made these photos viral on social media. Tell you that similar snowfall is happening in the Sahara desert. Scientists have recognized the climate change because of its initial cause.

However, many researchers have made different assumptions about the reasons for such a fall in color ice. Meteorologists believe that the color of the snow is getting orange due to the sands of sandy storms that meet with ice and rain. Although such an event occurs once in five years, but this time this incident has happened several times in the last 6 months.

People are picking up the fun of orange snow showers. Its pictures on social media have made a big difference. Tourists visiting the mountains of Russia's Rosa Khutter have made this ice viral on the Internet. Tell them that in these pictures, the white orange color sheet is being replaced instead of white on the mountains of Sochi City of Russia. This view is a dangerous sign of nature, which we have to understand for a long time.

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