The Girls think of this while passing by boys…

The Girls think of this while passing by boys…

What do girls think of when handling boys? Everyone wants to know this. It is not that only boys see the girls. Girls go through a hanandam and a young boy too. After all, what he thinks, let’s know.

She is beautiful and stylish, but she needs to look away from it otherwise she will eat the price.

She is very handsome and has a lot of girlfriends.

Will she have a girlfriend, and if she will have it? Maybe not even

Slowly speaking on the phone, I do not even know.

It’s really hot, but will it be as intelligent as a handsome boy should be.

Looking at its goggles, it seems that would be rich. But will it be a bachelor?

Will he also see me with a glance?

What should I do so that he starts talking to me?What am I talking about before, am I smarter than that?

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