The bride is wearing a ‘snake wreath’, she has not seen such a wedding

The bride is wearing a ‘snake wreath’, she has not seen such a wedding

Certainly, the work of Salen’s group seems like it is so far beyond the conventional that it must be the distant, ifever, future of mainstream practice. Yet at the same time, the world we are preparing our students for is so rapidlychanging that we have little idea of the knowledge, skills, and experiences students will need in their young adultand adult lives. We need to be conceptualizing and experimenting with new methods in education, so that weare better able to adapt to the dynamics of our changing world. Games, simulations, and social networking are alreadypermeatingthe workplace as productivity and development.

At the same time, we must acknowledge that thereis a reason these tools have been adopted so pervasively in the workforce—these groups are identifying the advantagesof these tools and are leveraging them to enhance their work. If they are able to see many of the advantagesof these tools in their productivity, what might educators find in student performance?Where are we headed with the use digital games, simulations, and social networking technologies in educationalpractice? While we cannot say for certain, we can say that the capacity for digital games, simulations and socialnetworking technologies.

But we don’t need to wait for the distant future to understand if andhow we can implement these technologies. Students today are using these technologies now, and if you lookaround, it is highly likely that there is a Ross, a John, or even a tag-team like Hal and Kali right down the hall fromyou. And while, Ross, John, Hal, and Kali may not have all the answers, they are indeed finding strong results.Through every day explorations like these in the classroom, it is teachers who are building the steps towards thefuture.

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