Sania Mirza was not in love with this Bollywood actor, Shoaib would not marry Sania's bride

Sania Mirza was not in love with this Bollywood actor, Shoaib would not marry Sania's bride

There are few such faces in this world, who have been able to create their own identity. Sania Mirza is also involved in these faces. Sania Mirza is India's famous tennis player. Here, we have achieved many talents for enhancing the glory of the country. Sania was born in Maharashtra in Maharashtra on November 15, 1986. When Sania was only 18 years old, she was awarded the Padma Shri award. Sania is also considered the country's favorite daughter. Sania received this award at an early age, hence she is considered not only the country but also the best player in abroad.

In the days that Sania has remained in news headlines for some reason. For your information, let us tell you that Sania Mirza was married to Pakistani cricket team's batsman Shoaib. According to the information, both of them had a love marriage. Sania Mirza's father was a game conductor while her mother used to work in a printing company. After the marriage of Shoaib's sister-in-law, many people had termed Sania as a traitor and said that she should not be allowed to play for India anymore. Because everyone believed that after marrying Pakistan, Sania will not do a good job and will humiliate India, but Sania did not do anything like that and she is playing very well even today.

Sania's engagement happened to Sohrab before Shoaib but for some reason the engagement broke soon. Recently, Sania was in Karan Johar's show "The Coffee with Karan". Farah Khan was also present at the same show. During the show, both enjoyed a lot of fun and the audience kept the time. Often Karan Johar appears to open every pole in his show and talk. But, this time the show got a different look. This time Farah Khan and Sania were seen opening their many secrets.

In the meantime, Karan asked Sania that if she is asked to work in movies, she would first like to work with a star? So in response, Sania chose Salman Khan. This period of questions did not end there, but the question after that was to surprise Sania. Karan asked Sania that she would like to go to date with a Bollywood star? In response, Sania named Ranbir Kapoor.

After this, Karan asked the third question to Sania that if she did not marry Shoaib she would choose which actor to be his husband. In response, Sania also named Ranbir's name. Sania told that Ranbir has been crushing her. If he got a chance to get married with Ranbir, he would consider himself the most lucky one.

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