Nita Ambani’s Dance Video Fasting Viral

Nita Ambani’s Dance Video Fasting Viral

Akash Ambani Shloka Mehta Engagement: Before the engagement of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta, many videos have surfaced. A video of Nita Ambani’s dance has also surfaced

New Delhi: Ankai, the eldest man and businessman of the country, Mukesh Ambani’s eldest son, is engaged on June 30. Akash is engaged in diamond businessman Russell Mehta’s daughter Shloka Mehta. Even before this engagement, the Ambani family is immersed in celebration. Many of the party’s videos are coming out on the earlier rituals of engagement. One of these videos is Nita Ambani’s dance. Nita Ambani Bharatnatyam is seen dancing in this video that is being shared on social media.

Nita Ambani is dancing on the launch of the song “Kai Po Che” in the video. 54-year-old Nita Ambani has dressed sari in Gujarati style in this video. At the same time, a similar video of Nita Ambani appeared on the engagement of Akash Ambani’s sister Isha Ambani.

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 Nita Ambani was seen dancing in that video too. On June 28, a ritual of henna was paid at the Akshara and Shloka’s pre-engagement party. At the same time, Isha Ambani played a special ritual on this occasion, in which she shot the scales of Shloka and Akash Ambani.
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