New Feature Of Whatsapp

New Feature Of Whatsapp

New Feature of Whatsapp: More than five times the photo or video can not be forwarded
Wattsapp is testing a new feature on its platform. The aim of doing this is to control the bogus news. Instant messaging app will now set a limit to forward all the messages, videos and photos shared on WhatsApp. In India, WhatsApp will test the limit for five chat at a time.
Meanwhile, yesterday, the company warned the company to stop the spread of the news by sending a further notice that the people who used to spread the rumors would also be considered guilty. And legal action will be taken against those who are silent in this regard.
Some innocent people are also killed in the violence caused by some people's mob due to the government spreading bogus and fake news in the country.
So the government has taken a strong stance against WhatsApp to stop such activity.

The Ministry of Information and Technology has said that action will be taken against those who spread such rumors. However, the government has already issued a strict warning for this to spread such news to WhatsApp. On the other hand, unexpected phone calls and messages will be exempt.
New rules were announced to stop harassing bogies and unwanted phone calls and fax messages by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI), in which the users' consent to send telemarketing messages was compulsory.
In the new rules, the message sanders, headers, ie system separation has been made mandatory for registrations and customer consent to differentiate the message. The new rule gives full rights to customers for consent. They can withdraw the previously granted consent. People who violate the rules will be penalized. Based on the magnitude of the rule break, Can be fined between Rs 1,000 and Rs 50 lakh.

Registered templates for SMS and Voice Communication will help consumers get relief. For this, every telecom company will have to establish a Customer Preference Registration Facility for Commercial Communication and provide facility to obtain customer consent.
Trai has introduced the approach of registered templates for SMS and Voice Communication to avoid promotional messages. Doing this will give consumers a lot of flexibility. Modern technology can provide better services to consumers at a lower cost. There are about 20 to 30 billion messages per month in which the cost of false messages will be saved.
After the Supreme Court took a stand on the issue of assassination and violence in the country, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh condemned the mob in Parliament but shook hands with the help of these kinds of incidents that led to state governments.
In the Lok Sabha, Rajnath said that the responsibility of ensuring that such incidents do not happen in the future, the state government has the responsibility. He accused the fake news spread on social media for the massacre of crowds.
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