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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mobile Safety Alarm Download this App

Mobile Safety Alarm Download this App

Mobile safety alarm is useful and must have app to help prevent your mobile from theft spying and unauthorized usage by triggering the alarm(alert) at slightest motion of the mobile from the any position the user has kept the phone (horizontal,vertical or at any axis),
Moreover mobile safety alarm comes with the added feature of safety and security that is “Charger alert” in this feature user can set the alarm or alert during charging i.e triggering the alarm on disconnection of the charger (its optional).

This Safety app can be used anywhere especially at hostel. hotels, during charging or during breaks.
Very sensitive to the motion …slight change in the location or position the loud sound alarm blows out…
How to use:
Mobile safety alarm comes with the 2 different modes of Alarm (alert) :
1)MOTION Alert.
2)CHARGER Alert.

Both modes can be used individually or in conjunction.

Select any of these modes by clicking the “Select your safety mode”,
In “Select your safety mode” page user can select any of the two mode or both i.e “Motion alert” or “Charger alert” (by default motion alert is set ‘ON’).

How Mobile safety alarm works:
In MOTION alert mode ,keep the mobile at ANY position (i.e horizontal,vertical or at any axis) and hit the activate button and mobile safety alarm is ready to serve.
Now when mobile(phone) is even slightly displaced or moved from its position ,Alarm is triggered loud and importantly the volume button is disengaged so that no one can mute or silent the volume ,click the deactivate button and app will ask for the password if the user has set any(keeping the password is optional ,user’s choice).

CHARGER alert mode is helpful in securing the mobile during charging , connect the Phone with the charger and hit the activate button, mobile safety alarm kicks in and alarm is triggered with the loud sound if the charger is disconnected ,deactivate it by clicking the deactivating button and app will ask for the password if the user has set one (password is optional ).
Unique Customization features in the App:

1] At Deactivating page ,user can set any picture of their choice by choosing from photo gallery.
2] User can even set any Alert Sound of his/her liking by choosing from music gallery.
3] User can Record Or DUB their own mobile motion Alarm of liking.
4] One more thoughtful feature is the snooze time i.e. user can set how long the alert sound should buzz like in 5 min,10 min…etc.

Instead of undergoing from the pain to search your mobile after its been stolen. Use
Mobile Safety Alarm app to help prevent the mobile from stealing and other malicious activities beforehand.

Download this App: Click Here

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