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Knowing the earnings of the beggar of 3 wives, you will also be ashamed

Knowing the earnings of the beggar of 3 wives, you will also be ashamed
Beggars are called only those who are poor and helpless or who have no means to earn money and therefore they beg. But today we are going to meet you with a beggar whose wonderful life you will be surprised to hear about. This beggar is a resident of Jharkhand. People who considered beggars and poor when their reality came in front of them, everyone was surprised because it was not a beggar but Lakhpati.
Yes ... now maybe you might have lost your senses, but it is true. Well this is not the first time that there has been talk of being a lucky person or a millionaire of a beggar, but it has been heard many times before. But today the beggars we are talking about beg for begging at the Chakradharpur railway station of Jharkhand. But in reality this is a pot trader. The name of this beggar is Chhotu. Surprisingly, there is no marriage of some people in today's time, whereas the beggar has done three or three marriages.
These beggars sit on the railway station and ask begging throughout the day, and all three wives play a pot shop. According to the sources, this beggar earns around Rs.1 thousand to twelve hundred rupees a day, that is, if it is seen in the earnings of its month, it earns 25 to 30 thousand rupees only by demanding begging. Surprisingly, 20 more people work with this beggar and he takes commission from them as well.

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