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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Just make a voice call, the transfer will be transferred to the account, know how …

Just make a voice call, the transfer will be transferred to the account, know how …

Bhagalpur [Gaurav Kumar]. Now you can transfer funds to others’ accounts by making a voice call (mobile call). Indian Post Department has taken this initiative to facilitate the customer. From June, consumers will be able to get this facility. For this, you will have to open an account in India Post Payment Bank (IPPB). After that, the account holder will be able to transfer money from the registered mobile number to anyone for a few seconds.

With the new system, the NPA and intermediaries will be completely reinforced. To facilitate this facility to more people, the posters have been made available to the mobile. They will open the customer’s account by going from home.

Account will open in all post offices

Officials said that the Indian post will open the accounts of customers through IPPB in all its head post offices, sub-post offices and post offices. Customers will have to give their Aadhaar number and Finger Print marks to open an account.

Maximum one lakh rupees can be deposited in the IPP account: In the IPP account, the customer can deposit up to a maximum of one lakh rupees. With more money deposited, he will himself go to the savings bank account.

Not only this, when the subscriber withdraws the amount of money in one lakh rupees, the amount will be transferred from the self-savings bank account to the IPPB account. Customers can fix their amount even at the maximum limit of the maximum amount they wish.

Guarantor to get loan

Indian Posts will also play the role of guarantor in getting loans from banks to their customers. This will enable the needy to get loan amount from the bank directly into their account. This will save the common man from the middleman and will also be completely prevented on the NPA.

The postmaster of Bhagalpur’s head post office said,

Indian Posts are going to give money to their customers with voice transfers, opening a home sitting account and getting loans from banks. This will save the common people from middlemen and stop the fraud.

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