Jagganaath Live Darshaan Video Stream

Jagganaath Live Darshaan Video Stream

Power points are usually at a low level, within easy reach for young children. If young children are around your home, consider using plastic safety outlet plugs to stop them from inserting objects into power point sockets. If power points are likely to be exposed to the elements, have weatherproof power points and switches installed.

Only use power boards rated for outdoor use, and consider protecting them from the weather and possibility of contact with splashing water from rain or sprinklers or the like. Never overload a power point by ‘piggy-backing’ with multiple double adaptors.

Jay Jagannath, If you need more outlets, use a power board or ask your electrician to install extra power points. It can be dangerous to buy electrical appliances on the internet from overseas sellers as they may not comply with Australian safety standards.

A person who imports or supplies electrical equipment must ensure that it is tested to be electrically safe, and it is accompanied by information about the way to safely use the electrical equipment. Visit electricalsafety.qld.gov.au for more information about ‘responsible suppliers’.

When you buy a home, check the fixed equipment (such as dishwashers, circuit breakers, ovens, air conditioners, bathroom fan light heaters, swimming pool equipment, solar dc isolators) are not subject to a recall.

Jay jagannath

As part of a pre-inspection on a home, get a licensed electrician to check the switchboard, wiring and fixed equipment for any safety risks that may need repair.

Second hand sellers are not required to test the appliance to prove it is electrically safe before selling it to you, however they must tell you they have not tested it.

If they have had the appliance tested by a licensed electrical worker they may instead tell you the results of the test. If you buy a second hand appliance that has not been tested, have it tested before use.

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