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Monday, July 23, 2018

If the note got mutilated from the ATM, immediately get it done

If the note got mutilated from the ATM, immediately get it done

Most of the time you have seen that if you need a lot of money, then you are moving on the ATM line running quickly and waiting for hours, when your number comes out, you get the mutilated note ATM after you withdraw the money. If you get a mutilated note from standing in line for such a long time, then your mind gets worse.

 In the meantime you think in the evening that what to do now. Where to use the note So let's talk about what you should do in such a situation.

You do not need to think much about it. You can change the money directly by going to any bank, without any charge. Let us tell you that according to the RBI guidelines, if there is any bad note in ATM, then it will be the responsibility of the people of Mau and only the bank. In the meantime, the agency will not have any liability in ATMs.

According to RBI rules, if a bank refuses to take a mutilated note from a bank ATM, then it can also get a penalty of up to 10000 under RBI rules.

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