How to run WhatsApp without mobile number, follow this method

How to run WhatsApp without mobile number, follow this method

Today, almost every household has become a smartphone. In every house, you will find a smartphone in every pocket. And that person will also be able to play whatsapps from his mobile. Now you can run Whatsapp on your mobile without any number of numbers. You will feel a bit weird in hearing but it is right. Today we will tell you to run Whatsapp without any number in your mobile.

If you want to run WhatsApp without a mobile number in your phone, then you first have to uninstall Whatsapp in your phone. I.e. need to delete whatsapp. After this you will have to download the WhatsApp app from the Play Store. After downloading WhatsApp, you can enlarge the flight mode to your phone.

Download the spoof message app from the Play Store This app will ask you to use different purposes for verification by not giving verification of verification. In this app, you will be asked to throw checks that means you will have to click on the check throws. And your email ID must be entered in it After this you will have to tap the Cancel button instantly.

After this you have to take the spoof message message app. In which you have to type the mobile number with the country code. And you must write an email id. After that you have to send the message to these + 4 4 7903307295 numbers. After this you will get your own verification and you can use whatsapp. You can also send messages to it. And you can also get the receipt. Apart from this, if you want to change the number of whatsapps, then you will have to go to the settings by applying the WhatsApp and you will be able to change the numbers from which you can change your number.

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