Google sees the face of the launch, a fantastic video teller named Dor Belle

Google sees the face of the launch, a fantastic video teller named Dor Belle

Friends welcome to our block. Friends, we get many things and information from Google in the world of internet, but now Google has come to the market with the door bell installed outside the house. This is not a mere dorbell but it is very hitech and it can make people’s life easier. Door Bell of Google recognizes the guests coming home.

This door-bell launched by Google is ‘Nest Hello’ which is equipped with Facial Recognition Technology and can record a video of the person standing at the door. According to The Guardian’s report, this smart Dorail, which connects to WiFi, has a wide angle camera which can record high-definition video too. Please tell that this door Bell also works in Night Vision mode. As soon as a person comes to the door of the house, the camera equipped with facial re balancing in Dorbel recognizes him and can show his video on the connected device inside the house. Not only this, a person present at the doorbell can do live chat with a person standing at the gate. One advantage of this smart door belle is that if the Google Assistant speaker is installed inside the house, then Dor Bell himself will speak loudly and tell who has come to the door.

This Dorbel of google can be connected to the home-based smartphone in addition to the video display within the home. That is, if there is no one in the house then seeing the person coming to the door, this door Bell sends an alert on the smartphone and then the user can talk directly to a person standing at the door and if necessary, he can ask to come back home later . This hightech door belle in Google also has the feature that if the user wants it can fit certain by default messages. So, if necessary, Dor Bell could answer the guest himself. Listening to so many features of this Door Bell, if your heart is trying to put it at your doorstep. So let us know that you may have to wait for it, because at the moment, this doorbell is available for sale in the US and UK only. How long will Google launch this Doorbell in India, at this time nothing has been said about it from the company.

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