Go to India's largest gold temple

Go to India's largest gold temple

Every temple in India has its own identity because of which they are discussed all over the world. But today the temple we are about to tell is famous for its magnificence and gold all over the world.

Temple of Mahalaxmi ji is situated in Vellore of Tamil Nadu region. About 145 km from Chennai This city is very important from the historic point of view. There is a Sri Laxmi Narayani temple made of gold in Thirumlai cody 7 kilometers away from Vellore.

It is counted in India's most prosperous temples. More than fifteen thousand kg of gold has been used in the walls of this temple. This is the first such temple of India where the national flag of India is stranded. There is a statue of seventy kilo of solid gold in this temple of Mata Lakshmi.

In the moonlight of the night, this temple looks even more beautiful. Since 2007 this temple was opened to the audience. Every day thousands of pilgrims visit this temple.

Hariyali is seen in this temple spread over more than 100 acres. The structure of the temple is circular. Sarvithirtham Sarovar has been constructed by bringing water from all the major rivers of the country in the temple premises.

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