Do you know what's the difference between Gmail and Email?

Do you know what's the difference between Gmail and Email?

In today's century, the most popular feature on the Internet is Email. But still there are so many people in India who do not know the exact meaning of e-mail and despite having known a lot of people, it does not even have to be used.

Apart from this, quite a lot of people are confused about the e-mail and the Gmail mail that both of these mean the same, but in reality these two are a big difference. Today, know what is the use of e-mail and what is the difference between these two?

To understand all this is the difference between email and Gmail, we first need to know what happens to email and what happens to Gmail as soon as you know about both of these emails and The difference will be known about Gmail.

So let's first know what the email is?

E-mail is also called electronic mail. Through this we can send any message (image, text and video etc.) from one computer to another computer. If you understand the e-mail in your language, then it is just like the postal service, as the postman used to reach the post office, the same email serves as an Internet provider.

Apart from this, there was a lot of time before sending any message, but now any message can be sent to any corner of the world in two seconds via email. And that's why email is the most important and popular feature of today's century.
What is gmail

Gmail is an email service that is created by Google and is free, you can use it to send an email to i.e. if you want to send an email to someone, then you have a service that will help you Can send email

For example, let's say the post office is Gmail in a way that transmits your title from one place to another, it is Gmail's job to transfer the article from one place to another. Keep it for more information with Punjab Kesari

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