careful! Keeping the purse in the pocket is the disease! Do you know its info

careful! Keeping the purse in the pocket is the disease! Do you know its info
Purse is a necessity, but the method of keeping it can make you sick. Keeping a wallet in back pocket means that you are inviting seated sicknesses. I know what are the dangers of keeping wallet in back pocket.
New Delhi: The practice of keeping purse or wallet is common nowadays. Most used by young people. Not only money but people also keep things like necessary papers, base cards, PAN cards, debit cards and credit cards. Actually some people's purse / wallet becomes so thick or heavy that it feels quite inconvenient to keep the jeans or pants back in the pocket. Some people keep a lot of money in wallet and because of this, it becomes fat.
This habit can prove to be quite harmful for the health of the body afterwards. It is believed that this habit is absolutely wrong that should be changed immediately. In fact, if you sit for long periods in this way, then it further creates many problems for your health.
Sitting in this way leads to some special nerves that cause many kinds of body problems for you. Instead of keeping a purse in back pocket, you should always keep the purse in the forward pocket.
Most people keep wallet in their back pockets. According to a survey, keeping cards, money-backed pocket full of money is very dangerous and can lead to a disease called stepphorms syndrome. Citric vein is suppressed in this disease. The patient suffers from severe pain in this disease. Actually, most people get used to the habit of keeping the purse in back pocket, people keep sitting in the office hours or anytime.
Therefore, it leads to pressure on the pharamis masalas and there is acute pain in the feet. Most of the victims of this disease are victims who work for hours. In fact, the cytica vein inhibits this disease, which causes unbearable pain.
Having a purse in back pocket is an uncomfortable situation, but we tend to circumvent it. In fact, keeping a wallet or a backpack in back pocket spoils your body balance, which puts pressure on your waist. Actually the catheter vein passes through the waist, so this pressure can cause pain on your hip and waist.
Sitting like this for hours, pressure on the peripheral muscles in hip joints is also under pressure. Continuing with the purse in the back pocket, there is tremendous pressure on these nerves, which often stops blood circulation.
If such conditions persist for a long time then it may increase swelling in the veins. Overall, this message is for those who do so if they change their habit as soon as possible.

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