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Friday, July 6, 2018

77 lakh poor people will be given electricity bill waiver every month, Rs 200 per month

77 lakh poor people will be given electricity bill waiver every month, Rs 200 per month

In the election year, the government is not giving any purpose to different sections. Now the government has decided to waive the unorganized workers and the electricity consumers under the poverty line. In the Cabinet on Tuesday, the simple electricity bill scheme and the Chief Minister’s outstanding power bill waiver scheme were approved for the registered workers of the Chief Minister’s Welfare Scheme. Government has given green signal for waiving electricity bill of about 77 lakh consumers. Balance | On page 12, under this, the outstanding bill of 5179 crores will be waived. Under this scheme only the poor people will have to pay the monthly bill of 200 rupees. In the flat rate scheme, the registered monthly bill will have to be paid to the registered workers, which will be up to a maximum of Rs 200. If anybody has a monthly electricity bill of Rs 150, then he will have to deposit the actual amount of bill to 150 rupees. The government will give the remaining balance when the bill comes.

Sorry for the past outstanding, the burden of 1800 crore

The government will get around Rs 1,800 crore in this scheme. The beneficiaries will be waived by June 30. The scheme will be implemented from July 1. Consumers will have to pay 200 rupees from August. In this they will be able to burn fan, TV, and light. AC, heater, consumers over 1,000 watts will be ineligible.

lectricity companies will bear 50 percent of the total amount of surcharge and the original arrears. The remaining 50 percent of the original arrears will be given to the distribution companies as subsidy to the government. This amount will be about one thousand crore rupees.

Subsidy of one thousand crores

If the actual bill is more than Rs 200, the difference will be given in the form of subsidy from the government. This amount will be about one thousand crore rupees. This will benefit about 88 lakh beneficiaries.

Bill will be mentioned, how much actual expenditure

The special thing is that in the bill it will be mentioned that the beneficiary has litigate the electricity and how much the government has paid in it. Camps will also be installed for this purpose to be able to get their name added.

Gratuity to employees in service since 2005

Nearly four lakh employees who came in service after January 1, 2005 will receive gratuity on retirement. Under this, there will be 1 lakh 79 thousand employees, school education and 2 lakh 37 thousand teachers of the Primary Welfare Department. Now the facility was getting the employees coming into service after 1 January 2018. Like Assistant Teacher, upper class teacher, Assistant teachers and upper class teachers will get promotion salary in tribal department. It will be applicable from July 1, 2014.

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