Phone will unlock when you take your name

Phone will unlock when you take your name
2FM-Media: Are you searching for some new lock system for your smartphone? If so, this news of today is going to work for you very much. Because today we are going to give you some information that will make the lock system in your phone even more powerful.
All you need is to use it. Let's tell you how you can lock your device by speaking your name. Apart from this, you can also unlock the phone by your name.
To use it you will first need an app. You can download from the Play Store, the name of the app is a voice lock, after opening it you need to temporarily add a pin or pattern lock here.
After that you have to click on the option of the mic to speak your name or a secret word and give commands, then once you unlock your device. Then you have to say that secret word here.
The system will unlock your device by recognizing your voice. And no other person will also be able to unlock the phone with your secret word, because the app has the ability to recognize your voice.

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