Mobile Number related big news! after 1 July number will 13 character

Mobile Number related big news! after 1 July number will 13 character

The numbering plan in telecom sectors for a country is an important ‘fundamental plan’ that requires careful and judicious reviews to constantly meet the country’s requirements as the telecommunications network grows and new developmental challenges surface. The planners take into consideration the requirement of expansion of existing services, introduction of new services and also projected future demands including contingency plans. Telecommunications sector is undergoing a transformation accompanied with rapid technological changes. New paradigms are emerging as telecommunications, IT and broadcasting industries converge.

To make most of the situation, many operators are migrating to converged network architectures for the provision of existing and new services. Advancement in telecommunications technology has brought about possibilities of new revenue streams for operators and better, faster and cheaper services for the consumer. It is becoming increasingly possible to deliver any service on any device, anytime, anywhere. To achieve this ubiquity, an often-overlooked resource, the number resource, is used to uniquely identify and differentiate among the end users. Migration to IP based network is adding additional complexities and these needs to be suitably addressed. Numbering and Electronic Addressing do not merely concern telecommunications service providers. They are also a matter of great importance to Internet Service Providers, Broadcasters, Information Technology companies, Content Providers, end users as well as governments and regulators.

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