Make A Driving License in Just 50 Rs

Make A Driving License in Just 50 Rs
No one can get a driving license in 30 minutes, but after the Maharashtra government started making the services of the transport department online, this fact has come to light and aiming to make all the services related to the transport department online in the coming days, keeping in mind the results achieved so far. Has come.
An online service was started 10 months back by Maharashtra RTO to reinforce the agents who have been taking advantage of the beneficiaries of licensing in the licensing process and licensing process. However, due to this process, the awareness of the learning license, which is not available in just half an hour, is not yet known. In the last 10 months, 13 online services related to RTO licenses have been started in a total of 50 offices in Maharashtra and by the next week, 16 new online service related to vehicle ownership transfer, address change, loan, renewal will start.
According to RTO commissioner Dr RK Rao, according to the information provided by the RTO, about 800 computers have been set up to handle the learning licenses and licensing process in the state's 50 offices across the state. Praveen Gadaam told mid-day that 'Since the end of 2016, online services have been started for the convenience of citizenry to make RTO system faster and modern in the age of computer. There is a facility to pay a simple online form for bringing transparency in the processing licenses or licensing process. There is also a facility of online payment of fees from online submission of documents to the learning license.

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