Make a 2-month course after the 12th, earn big fat

Make a 2-month course after the 12th, earn big fat

After 12th, the youth started focusing on their career. They prefer to choose a career option whose money is low in money and the salary is good. Today we are telling you a similar course. After two months of course, your life will change. If you want to make a career in agriculture after the 12th, then the Indian government is doing many courses related to it nowadays. You can also take advantage of After graduating from Agriculture, you can earn up to Rs 1 lakh per month after doing the government run course.
Lakhs of rupees a month after doing a two-month course

Today we associate you with a person who left his job of 15 thousand and started a low cost firm machinery by doing the government run course. And today they are earning 1 lakh rupees every month. His name is Dhanaprakash Sharma, who is a resident of UP Shamli. After doing BSc, he did the course run by the government.
5 lakhs of profits in just 3 months

The two-month course changed their life. Sharma got Rs 21 lakh from the bank for the launch of a low cost firm. After this he started manufacturing the Napsak sprayer. This is a sprayer machine through which it is very helpful for the farmers to sprinkle chemicals. In just 3 months they have a net profit of 5.5 million. These sprayer machines proved to be helpful for the farmers. Now Sharma has built a battery operated machine which reduces the hard work of the farmers.
Cost of Manufacturing Products

The price of their products starts from Rs 1,000 and goes up to Rs 3 thousand. He has developed a sprayer that works with a tractor which costs 36 thousand rupees. Apart from this, you want to take your step in the field of wealth seeds and pesticides.

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