Here you can earn 50 lakh rupees by putting just 72 rupees

Here you can earn 50 lakh rupees by putting just 72 rupees

Here you can earn 50 lakh rupees by putting just 72 rupees … on the stamp paper, you will get back all the money
New Delhi: In today’s runny life, every man wants to secure the future of his family and his family.

Keeping this in mind, if you are thinking of taking a savings plan, LIC has a better option. In an endowment plan of LIC, if you start your job with only Rs 2263 savings every month, you will not have to worry about the marriage of children and your retirement.

Under this plan, you will get around Rs 50 lakh. At the same time, there is an advantage of this plan and if you die in an accident then your family will get double the amount of sum assured. If you are planning to save small savings, then you can take this plan.

Rule of planning

1. Minimum Sum Assured: Rs 1 lakh

2. Maximum Sum Insured: No Limit

3. Minimum entry age: 8 years

4. Maximum admission age: 55 years

5. Policy term: 12 to 35 years

6. Premium payment term is similar to the policy.

7. Maximum age at maturity: 75 years

8. There is also a rebate on premium for taking high sum of money.

9.Lone facility is available.

What will happen premium

Plan: New Endowment Plan – 814

Your age: 25 years

Policy term: 35 years

Sum Assured: Rs. 10 lakhs

With the first year premium tax (4.5%)

Annual: 27,148 rupees

Half yearly: 13,724 rupees

Quarter: Rs 6,937

Monthly: 2,313 rupees

Daily: Rs 74

With the first year premium tax (2.25%)

Annual: 26,564

Half yearly: 13,428

Quarter: 6,787 rupees

Monthly: 2,263 rupees

Daily: 72 rupees

Note: LIC does not offer any premium premiums daily. It’s just written for calculation so that you can get an idea of ​​savings.

In such a case, if you pay premium for 35 years then you will have to pay Rs 9,30,324.

Sum Assured: Rs. 10 lakhs

Bonus: 16,80,000 rupees

Final Additional Bonus: Rs. 23,00,000

Total Returns at Maturity: 49,80,000 rupees

Benefits on death

Death Benefit: If the policyholder dies during the policy term then the Sum Assured amount will be paid to his nominee. At the same time, if the death occurs in an accident then the amount of sum assured will be paid.

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