Facebook and Whatsapp will now pay for 3.36 rupees per day, but ...

Facebook and Whatsapp will now pay for 3.36 rupees per day, but ...

The Ugandan government has recently passed a law, according to which people in Uganda will have to pay tax separately rather than the use of social media. As soon as this controversial law comes into effect, Ugandan citizens will have to pay daily for social media platforms like Facebook, whats app, viber and twitter. The Ugandan government has said that people spread rumors through social media and believe it to be true. After taxation, people will stay away from it.

Now talk about the amount of tax. Ugandan citizens will have to pay 200 Uganda cylinders (about 3 rupees and 50 paise) every day to run social media. Currently the law has passed and it is likely to be applicable from 1 July 2018. However, it is still doubtful whether the tax will apply to the citizens.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Social Media Tax said that Social Media is the Man Source of spreading rumors. This law will rock on gossip and rumors. In addition, the Ugandan government has to add a lot of tax to the new excise duty bill, in which a transaction tax on mobile will also attract a one percent tax on mobile transactions.

Uganda comes in the world's poorest countries and there are 23.6 million mobile phone users in the country, of which only 17 million use the internet. Uganda's finance minister Matia Kasaija said on every such tax that the country's debt could be reduced by every tax. Besides this, work will also be done for security and electricity. Also, tax will not prevent people from using social media

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