Danger bells for bank account holders, note or else deposit-capital

Danger bells for bank account holders, note or else deposit-capital

If there is an account in the bank, then the ATM card will definitely be used. Note that this news has brought alarm alert for bank account holders.

The cases of withdrawal of money from accounts by changing ATM cards are common, but now the accounts are being flown through clone ATM cards. In the last one month alone, four such cases have been reported in Kashipur Kotwali. In three of these cases the police has registered the report and started investigations. Two accounts belong to SBI and one account PNB. Account holders say that their ATM cards are safe with them. It was found in the investigation that the funds were withdrawn from these accounts in Calcutta. SBI’s Chief Branch Manager Neeraj Goud said that both the cases have been referred to the high officials for investigation through the helpline.

Savitri, resident of Hemppur, in Kashipur Kotwali, had filed a report and said that despite the ATM card being safe with him, the amount of about Rs three lakh was withdrawn from his account. After complaining to the bank, it was found that the amount was withdrawn from the ATM machines of Gujarat. On Tuesday, Ritu Agarwal, a resident of Mohalla police station, has registered a report of Rs. 16 thousand from Kotkali bank account and Ramesh Chand, resident of Manpur Road, for filing of Rs. 53 thousand 500 rupees.

Such a clone of your ATM card is made
Hackers make cloned cards by filling a schemer device in ATM machines. To remove the amount from the clone ATM card, cyber criminal cards put the exact schematic device on the swipe location. As soon as the card swipe, the magnetic chip in the device creates its clone. Hackers in the ATM cabin fit the sensor to get the password. The card is then cloned by removing the Schemer device and the camera. In addition to the Schemer device in machines, hackers also steal the data used during online shopping.

Virtual card protects from hacking
SBI Chief Branch Manager Neeraj Gaud told that to avoid hackers, virtual card facility has been provided on accounts with net banking. The account holder can use this card for online payment. This card remains active only for twenty four hours in the account. The amount of the card is kept in the account. There is no possibility of data being stolen from its use. This card is automatically deactivated for twenty four hours.

Use this caution ATM holder
Do not use ATMs in front of anyone in the machine.
Keep your face in front of an ATM machine so that the process of withdrawing money can be captured.
When inserting PIN numbers, cover the card with the other hand, so that pin number can not be schematic.
-Do not share your ATM PIN number in any case or tell anyone.
Do not let anyone know your pin number while making online shopping.

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