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Monday, June 4, 2018

Check The Timing Of Buying An LED Bulb, This Target Will Save Rs

Check The Timing Of Buying An LED Bulb, This Target Will Save Rs

If you are buying an LED bulb for home then you can easily find its quality. The energy efficiency office has also mandated 'star labeling' on the LED bulb. The benefit of getting it compulsory is that now you will know which electricity the bulb costs.

The bureau has issued notices in December to mandate a star rating on the LED blade. A senior official of the Energy Efficiency Office said that since January 1, star labeling on the LED bulbs has been compulsory. The electricity ministry has also issued a notification in this regard.

Star labeling program is run from the Ministry of Power. This is an important program of energy conservation bureau energy conservation. Under this, star labeling is done on more electronic products used at home.

The more the star will be on any product, the same will be used to reduce the consumption of electricity. If there is a low star on a product, it means that it consumes more electricity.

In this case, whenever you buy an LED bulb at the shop, which has the highest number of stars. Keep in mind that the more stars you get as low as electricity bills, the benefits of lowering your electricity consumption.

Let's say that LED bulbs are energy-saving compared to other boards. Using it consumes more electricity than other bulbs. Now after star labeling you will easily know which bulb will save you money.

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