Can Change a Rs 100 Note, RBI Can Never Make Change

Can Change a Rs 100 Note, RBI Can Never Make Change

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The RBI can take a bigger and more shocking decision soon to deal with the dark business of counterfeit currency. On Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of India has given signals to change the notes of Rs. 100. However, it was not clear how long new notes would be in the market.According to the RBI, size and type of new note will be smaller and more attractive than old notes.

In the Regional Media Workshop held at the auditorium of RBI Building, the CGM Ajay Mitchari of RBI Currency Department said that the change of notes increases their security. In response to a question of journalists, he told that a number of notes, including one thousand and five hundred, have been changed so far.Similarly, changes in one hundred notes can be seen in the coming time.In

respones this question, Ajay Mitchiya said that this change can be done at any time. This decision is being taken to ban the currency. This is our complete preparation. As soon as we will be asked to change the note. We will start its process immediately. At the moment, he has not yet disclosed the date of change of note. This work can happen in a month and it can take up to six months.

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