No longer buying SIM, Government issued E-SIM

No longer buying SIM, Government issued E-SIM

If you use a smartphone and you have to change the SIM card to change the telecom network, now the government has solved the problem of your problem. The government has approved e-SIM in the country. Now mobile phone users will be able to use e-SIM.

Additionally, the telecom department has increased the maximum limit of consumer mobile connections to 18, after which users can keep up to 18 mobile network connections. This technology has begun in 2016.

There is a virtual variant of SIM, which is an e-SIM mobile. However, it works like a normal SIM, and all the services available in the SIM can be availed from E-SIM. But you do not have to insert it in the phone. This is a software that comes with the ability of the sim card, hence it has been given the e-SIM name.

Recently, the Department of Telecommunication has issued guidelines on e-SIM. According to these guidelines, users will be able to have 18 connections, out of which nine connections will be for phone service and the remaining nine will be for machine-to-machine communication.

After the e-SIM comes in, the benefit will be that the user will not have to change the SIM card and will not have to wait 7 days for the SIM port. Apart from this, it will also benefit the battery life of the smartphone will increase.

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