Is Aamir Khan all set to divorce his wife Kiran Rao and marry for the third time?

Is Aamir Khan all set to divorce his wife Kiran Rao and marry for the third time?

Lately there has been big speculations being made in Bollywood that Aamir would divorce his wife Kiran Rao and get married for the third time. Although the news in not confirmed yet, the bollywood is being spread with the news that Aamir Khan may divorce his wife.

According few sources, it is said that Aamir Khan and kiran Rao are having tough time being together lately. There have been many fights between the two which has lead to serious misunderstanding. Well, the main reason behind this is that Aamir Khan’s growing closeness with his Dangal co-star Fatima Sana Shaikh. Apparently, Aamir Khan got too close with Fatima during the movie Dangal, which was not well received by Kiran Rao.

It is also said that Aamir Khan was the one who recommended Fatimas name for his upcoming movie ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’, over producer’s choice of casting Vaani Kapoor in the lead role. According to few crew members of the movie, Aamir Khan persistently projected Fatima for the movie and the producer finally had to relent to Aamir’s choice.

In one of the interview with Fatima, she had openly declared that she would like to romance with Aamir than play the role of his daughter. Even when Aamir Khan appeared with Fatima and Sanya on Koffee with karan, their behaviour and chemistry looked very weird and questions were raised was Fatima more than just a co-star to Aamir Khan?! After this event, they have been spotted many times together in functions and parties, which has posed serious doubts on their relation. News channels had also reported that Fatima is also the new gym buddy to Aamir Khan and were frequently caught working together.

Well that is Bollywood! The relations are just like ‘make-up’ to stars, who keep changing it very often giving very little importance to values and true love. Bollywood may look attractive with lights and cameras, but behind its just a dark world with no ethics!

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