If your power bank is not fake then you can do this

If your power bank is not fake then you can do this

In today’s times we have become addicted to a lot of phones. In today’s era we can not think of our life without phone, since the trend of the smartphone has increased, the habit of the phone has made us vindictively to it too. But due to this habit, we have to charge the phone’s battery too, there is a lot of feature in the smartphone, due to which its battery is quickly removed. Many people use the power bank due to low battery problem. But do you know, the power bank you are buying from train or local shops is really real or fake. Let us tell you some things that you can find out about a real power bank or a fake bank.

In the power bank you are buying, keep in mind that nowadays counterfeit companies are selling 30,000mAh, 50000mAh, power bank in the capacity of 100000mAh, and tell you, branded companies never make such a power bank with such a capacity.
While taking the power bank, keep in mind that the power banks of branded companies are always heavily in weight, while the weight of fake power is very light.

Sometimes, many power banks put many companies into a company’s logo, such as a display or music system, the branded company always keeps its power bank simple, with no display in it.

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