If you use Android phones, then these three important secret codes

If you use Android phones, then these three important secret codes

Nowadays mobile phones have become an important part of the daily life of people. Because phones have made our everyday lives very easy. We can do a lot on phones. Today we will learn about some of the Secret Codes of Mobile which may be very helpful for you.Here I am telling you specifically that this code may not work in all Android phones. So be patient in this and by placing your phone model number, I will definitely reply to you.

First Code - * # 21 #

Friends, our privacy is everything for us. We do not want to share our data with anyone, and Kalaling's data is the most important among them. Nowadays there are so many software and apps that can steal our call. So this code will help you. You can use this code to find out whether your voice call, sms or any other data is not being forwarded to any other place. This code will help you keep your privacy meet.

Battery status code: * # 0228 #

By entering these codes in your mobile dialer, you can find all the status related to your battery. You can know how much your battery's current voltage is, how much battery charge level is. You can learn from this code, much more than battery-related and more.

Note now that I'm going to tell you the code is only for users. If you must tell by commenting on your SIM name, I will definitely reply to you.

Code * 409 *

These codes are for geo users only. Whenever your mobile switch is off or the network coverage is out of the area, all incoming calls will be forwarded to the number you want to forward.To forward the call, you have to put this code into your own dialer and after this code you have to enter the number to which you want to forward the call. Then you have to dial it with your live number. Your call will be forwarded.

Now to deactivate the call forward, you will need to dial * 410 again to make the call forwarding deactivate. Make a liking.

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