Get speak! Diesel can now be asked at home alone, know how

Get speak! Diesel can now be asked at home alone, know how

If you want to buy food, vegetables, clothes and medicines at home, then home delivery has been started for diesel. Let’s tell you how the home delivery of oil will be made and they will get this facility …

After Indian Oil Corporation, the government oil company Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd has started diesel home delivery in Mumbai. Indian Oil is offering this facility to the customers in Pune. Companies will soon be providing this service in other parts of the country.

Currently only diesel is being delivered. The government had said in the last year that they want to supply petrol and diesel home for the convenience of the people, but the security of the home delivery of petrol has not been approved. Oil companies are working on this.

Oil will be delivered using a medium-sized Fuel Tanker, which has a diesel dispenser. It’s just like you’re going to go petrol pump. With this, the oil will reach the customer.

Both oil companies will now offer this facility to special customers who use diesel for a greater amount. Diesel will be supplied at malls, factories or other commercial premises where large generators or other machines are available. Normal customers will not be able to call diesel at present.

The Explosive Safety Organization has allowed oil companies to pay diesel supply at the rate of the consumers, but in June 2017, when the Bangalore-based start-up ANB Fuel started the same service, PESO had issued a circular to the oil companies asking ANB to stop supplying oil.

Consumers using more diesel will get more benefit from this service. This will save time, be even more secure.

It is said that there are a total of 61,983 petrol pumps. Ninety percent of these governments are from companies. In FY16, diesel used 19.46 million tonnes in the country. About 40 percent of this was diesel

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