When the phone does not have a network, call this as follows

When the phone does not have a network, call this as follows

New Delhi: - The smartphone has become an important part of your life, without a phone, you do not get a moment even to relax but sometimes it happens that we get to a position where the signal is not available at all and expensive to expensive phones They seem to be useless. It is so much that if you get frustrated with difficulties and keep calling you and there is no network in the phone, then it can also create trouble for you.

It is absolutely right to be angry at such a situation when the phone does not come in the network, then our phone can not be used for something like this. It can be absolutely certain that if you do not have a network in your phone then in this situation you will call You can do it and you can get it. Now you will feel how it can happen, let's know some easy tricks which can also be done because nothing is impossible in the world. Is.
You will have to download an app in the phone whose name is LIBON APP. This is a feature of your name which is' Reach Me, so you can talk to the network without having to.
For this feature, you will have to turn on WiFi, then you can talk to anyone on the phone with the help of WiFi. If you do not want to call anyone, you can send it to viral message if you use this app. Then your call will be received from your number. If you use LIBON APP then it is important for the front person to have it too.

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