Six point new ‘base’ will be home location track

Six point new ‘base’ will be home location track

new Delhi. The government is preparing to bring another new base after the basis of the identity of the people, that is, the unique ID. This new base will be for the people’s home. This will be the home digital address. It will be easy for anyone with this digital address to track the location of the house. However, it is being prepared as a pilot project right now.

The telecommunications department has tied up with Mapmindia just prior to this. It will be easy to access courier service and Indian post from digital address. Assuming sources, the special thing of digital address is that the postal code will be the digital code of the home base as well. It will be placed number 6.

Access to the village will reach

The villages along with the cities will also be linked to this digital code. There will also be six digit code for the village. It will be easy to reach the village through e-lock app. The e-lock will not only show the map location of your destination, but also show the photo and the surrounding area related to that location.

Use of e-lock

In the future, e-lock can also be used for electricity bill, water bill, property tax and tax profile. Even after buying a property, it has to be linked with the digital code. This will also help in benami property matters.

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