Now the 6 errors in the Aadhaar Card are improved at home

Now the 6 errors in the Aadhaar Card are improved at home

You can modify the line card error Seated your home base. Depending on the card you have to go to its official website Here are some steps you must follow and the line can be modified is at fault,etc., mobile number, date of birth, address.

Mobile number required for online correction Support mobile number card is required for online correction. So if you do not have a mobile number, you can not get national correction. That is why it
is sent to otopi (One Time Password) mobile number to change or cause to complain.

Then you can further processing.Step 1
base to go ‘on your website click on the link. To the left on the side of the new page, click on the “Update Your base data. Here is how you can update the information that will appear. Clicking on the link below.What then click on “Submit Your update correction” open page.

Step -2 Simply
log your support number, enter your base number. Simply log in and click Special Character Text verification to the OTP. Mombaila put a number on its front page. Special Character to the burning text with text space and re-click on the OTP. Otipino will be a message on your mobile. It will be able to type in the box to determine the location. Then you will be logged on the website.

Step -3 Clicking on the
processed data after clicking on Update. Required documents to be uploaded here. Clicking on the Confirm. Then click on the BPO service provider. Aegis will be written on one side and the other side there karvisa. Submit to choose any one of them. Kampalitano message will be updated on the mobile. URN number, which you will find.

Step -4
Finally,depending on the number and status updates URN splits. A message will appear after you complete the ‘Your request kampalita successful. Sainaauta needed to be followed. Initially updates States where data is written. Czech base has once again done with the URN number and click on it. The pending request will be written. Now you wait. Shortly after will update the information on the mobile. Updates can also be made by post
– Download the form in order to update the base card by post.
– Is indispensable to give your mobile number in the Form Update Adhar Card.
– The first is to improve knowledge in the Adhar Card Update Form As such, it will continue to update, name, surname or address.
– Fill out Form carefully followed instructions according Update Adhar Card

So far Adhar, Card Update Form Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi,Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and Punjabi language,which can take the form as per your convenience. Form a sealed envelope aware Writing / Correction Update of the Aadhar Card.

– Fill out the
form correctly district details, your address, PIN number. If you have
any difficulty you can contact the
– Now it can be posted to cover the addresses below.
Unique Identification Authority of India
Planning Commission
Government of India
3rd Floor, Tower II
Jeevan Bharati Building
Connaught Circus
New Delhi – 1100011

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